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                        About chuangzhi

                        Compay profile

                        Located south to Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge belonging to the most economic potential Yangtze River Delta area...


                        With total investment of 15 million USD and covering a ground area of over 50 mu and construction area of 20000 square meters...


                        It adopts domestic and foreign high-quality material to produce GB, ANSI, DIN, JIS and ISO self-drilling screws...


                        The products are widely used in many domestic enterprises and national key construction projects as well as exported to Europe...

                        Why choose chuangzhi ?

                        News center

                        Contact us

                        Contact us

                        Add:Weisan Road, Andong Industrial Zone, Cixi 315327, China
                        Tel:+86-574-63477900 +86-574-63477902
                        Email:[email protected]

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